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Qoltec Power adapter for Lenovo 65W 20V 3.25A Squareti

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Solution dedicated for you

Reliability is crucial for you? Choose a dedicated power adapter for Acer Lenovo 65W, 20V, 3.25A with a Slim tip+pin plug. It's perfect for home or office use, serving as your primary or backup power source. Whether you need it for work, study, gaming, or travel, the Qoltec laptop charger ensures smooth and safe device operation. It's crafted from top-quality materials, incorporating technologies that promote low energy consumption and high efficiency. The package includes the charger, a power cable, and a cable organizer strap, allowing you to adjust the cable length to your needs.

Matching the adapter - we lend a helping hand

You can minimize downtime by following a few simple rules listed in this paragraph.


You can find the basic parameters on the label located on the bottom of the laptop marked as INPUT or on the nameplate of the original adapter described as OUTPUT. These will be: POWER (W), VOLTAGE (V), CURRENT (A). The following points will dispel any doubts that may arise when selecting equipment:

1. POWER (W) this number represents the minimum value that the new adapter should have. There is no problem with using a higher-power product. This will reduce its load and, consequently, its heating.

2. CURRENT (A) just like in the case of POWER, the value on the new adapter can be equal to or higher than the one stated on the laptop's nameplate.

3. VOLTAGE (V) the number for this parameter is more strictly required. Only a fluctuation of +/- 0.5V is allowed.

The last equally important issue is the PLUG. Without it, you won't get far! There are no exceptions here, it's necessary for it to be identical to the original. The provided size indicates the outer diameter and the inner diameter of the pin. If a comparison based on the presented image is not sufficient, an accurate measurement will ultimately confirm your choice.

Your choice matters

Choosing the right power adapter for your laptop model is crucial because it affects several key aspects, such as:
- Laptop reliability - ensuring stable and uninterrupted power supply,
- Safety - minimizing the risk of laptop overheating or battery damage,
- Performance - providing adequate power for efficient laptop operation,
- Battery life ensuring proper charging and discharging cycles for optimal battery lifespan,
- Energy efficiency - a highly energy-efficient adapter can help reduce energy consumption and laptop usage costs.

Safe power supply in a universal edition

Invest in safety it never loses its value. The Qoltec brand power adapter, made from top-quality materials, deserves your attention. It ensures the expected stability of operation thanks to special protections:
- Against voltage surges: guards against too low or too high voltage,
- Against overloads: safeguards against overloading the power line,
- Against short circuits: protects against short circuits in the power circuit,
- Thermal protection: shields against damage caused by overheating.

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