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Notebook|RENEWD|MacBook Pro|1400 MHz|13.3"|2560x1600|RAM 8GB|SSD 128GB|Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645|Integrated|ENG|macOS Mojave|Silver|1.37 kg|RND-MUHQ2

€ 915.00
  • Без НСО: € 762.50
  • Бренд:Apple Модель:RND-MUHQ2 Доступность:Под заказ 2-3 Р. Дней Кол-во:1 шт. Гарантия:24 Месяцев
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Расширенная гарантия - починка -
Расширенная гарантии - замена -
Страхование товара -
Аудио-выход 1
Время работы от батареи (до) 10 hours
Bluetooth Yes
Встроенная камера Yes
Тактовая частота процессора 1400 MHz
Цвет Silver
Серия процессора Core i5
Глубина (толщина) 212.4 mm
Description Renewd® MacBook Pro 13" Silver i5 128GB (M2019) QWERTY MacBook Pro Renewd® The sustainable alternative for your new MacBook Pro! The Renewd® MacBook Pro is a used MacBook of the highest quality, which works perfectly technically. Not only do you save on costs, but you also contribute to a more sustainable future! But what makes Renewd® so reliable? A Renewd® MacBook Pro has been thoroughly checked and cleaned by certified specialists and tested with the manufacturer's official software. In this way, Renewd® ensures that each device contains 100% Original Parts, is in perfect technical condition and that there is No change of defects caused by the use of fake parts. Each Renewd® MacBook Pro is delivered in its own durable packaging and is updated to the latest version of macOS available at the time of the process. The Renewd® MacBook Pro comes with the Official Dutch Refurbished Certificate. To qualify for this certificate, the products and the company must meet strict requirements, which include quality and service, among other things. Up to now, thisit is still the only recognised quality certificate for used electronics worldwide. You know for sure that you are buying a good product! The Renewd® process is fully in line with that of the manufacturer, which makes the products even more sustainable. By using Original Parts, we meet Apple's strict sustainability requirements and ensure that No products with an excessive environmental footprint are introduced to the market. The MacBook Pro gets a second life and together we prevent it from ending up as e-waste too soon. When you choose a Renewd® product, you are choosing a excellent service. What if something happens to your MacBook? Then you get a 2-year warranty and can use our Free Pick-Up and Return Service. We will Pick-Up the MacBook Pro from your home and return it to you after it has been repaired. Renewd® : Affordable and Green! Please note that these are used products and may show minimal signs of use. Renewd® in short: • Cheaper and Greener • Always 100% Original Parts • The strictest control in the market • Fully compliant with the manufacturer • Free Pick-up & Return Service
Графическая памяти Integrated
Высота 14.9 mm
Раскладка клавиатуры ENG
Подсветка клавиатуры Yes
Память (RAM) 8GB
Микрофон Built-in
Модель RND-MUHQ2
Родное разрешение 2560x1600
Серия MacBook Pro
Особенности NB Lightweight
Оптическое устройство none
Операционная система macOS Mojave
Экран с LED подсветкой Yes
Размер экрана 13.3"
Колонки Yes
SSD объем 128GB
Удар молнии 2
Вес брутто 2.16 kg
Вес 1.37 kg
Страница производителя www.renewd.com/what-to-expect
Видеокарта Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645
Ширина 304.1 mm
Беспроводная сеть 802.11ac

Информация о доставке:

1. Заберу сам из магазина, бесплатно:
a. Tallinn, Vana-Lõuna 19, Пон-Пт 9:00-17.002-3 Р. ДнейБесплатно
b. Jõhvi, Keskväljak 6 (Jõhvi Kaubakeskus), Пон-Пт 10:00-18:00, Суб 10:00-14:001-3 Р. ДнейБесплатно
2. SmartPOST автомат ( 3eur / при заказе более 20eur - 2eur / более 200eur - бесплатно):
SmartPOST2-4 Р. ДнейБесплатно
3. Omniva автомат ( 3eur / при заказе более 20eur - 2eur / более 200eur - бесплатно):
Omniva2-4 Р. ДнейБесплатно
4. DPD Pickup пункт (2 eur / при заказе более 100 eur - бесплатно):
DPD Pickup2-5 Р. ДнейБесплатно
5. Курьером на место:
Курьер в Таллинне, бесплатно3-4 Р. ДнейБесплатно
Курьер по Эстонии2-3 Р. Дней5 EUR

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