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GUESS Bag Nylon Traiangle Logo GUCB15NTMLLP 16

€ 62.00
  • Без НСО: € 51.67
  • Бренд:GUESS Модель:GUE001008 Доступность:Под заказ 5-8 Р. Дней Кол-во:3 шт. Гарантия:12 Месяцев
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Guess Nylon Triangle Logo Bag

A fashionable and stylish laptop bag made of high-quality materials, it gives you the high-end look you expect from the GUESS fashion house. For decades, the Guess brand has been associated with the highest quality and excellent design. The Nylon Triangle Logo collection is an excellent proposition for people who value not only an exclusive look in fashion, but also high quality and functionality.

The bag from the Nylon Triangle Logo collection is made of a very nice and pleasant to the touch Nylon. This material is characterized by high durability, very good moisture wicking, is very durable, does not crease, is light and dries quickly. In addition, it has properties that prevent the development of fungi and bacteria on its surface. The bag is signed with a triangle metal Guess logo.

The bag has been designed to be carried in the hand and on the shoulder - it is equipped with a detachable and adjustable strap. An additional special strap for attaching to the handle of the suitcase will be very useful during all trips.

The bag has a main compartment closed with a double-sided zipper and many compartments to provide maximum space for carrying all the necessary accessories. Two additional external pockets have been provided for small items or additional documents.

The product is manufactured under the license of Guess.


Добрый Bag
Размер экрана (диаг.) 16''
Количество камер 3
Shoulder strap Yes
Справиться Yes
Вещи Nylon
Размер (физические параметры)
Масса продукта 400
Цвет Pink
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1. Заберу сам из магазина, бесплатно:
a. Tallinn, Vana-Lõuna 19, Пон-Пт 9:00-17.005-8 Р. ДнейБесплатно
b. Jõhvi, Keskväljak 6 (Jõhvi Kaubakeskus), Пон-Пт 10:00-18:00, Суб 10:00-14:006-10 Р. ДнейБесплатно
2. SmartPOST автомат ( 3eur / при заказе более 20eur - 2eur / более 200eur - бесплатно):
SmartPOST 6-10 Р. Дней2 EUR
3. Omniva автомат ( 3eur / при заказе более 20eur - 2eur / более 200eur - бесплатно):
Omniva6-10 Р. Дней2 EUR
4. DPD Pickup пункт (2 eur / при заказе более 100 eur - бесплатно):
DPD Pickup6-10 Р. Дней2 EUR
5. Курьером на место:
Курьер по Эстонии6-10 Р. Дней5 EUR
6. Venipak Pickup пункт (2 eur / при заказе более 100 eur - бесплатно):
Venipak Pakiautomaat6-10 Р. Дней2 EUR

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