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Natec Laptop sleeve Coral 14.1'' black

€ 13.10
  • Без НСО: € 10.74
  • Бренд:Natec Модель:NET-1701 Доступность:Под заказ 5-8 Р. Дней Кол-во:30 шт. Гарантия:24 Месяцев
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Natec Coral is a durable case made of high-quality materials that will effectively protect your valuables. Natec Coral protects your work tools against scratches during business trips or business meetings in the field.

Tailored to your laptop

Natec Coral is designed for small laptops with a diagonal of 13.3 inches, slightly larger ones with a diagonal of 14.1 inches and standard laptops with a diagonal of 15.6 inches. Thanks to 3 size variants, you can perfectly match the case with your equipment.

Full protection

Made of durable and thick neoprene, it allows you to effectively protect your laptop without sacrificing the convenience of use. High-quality materials effectively protect the equipment against scratches, shocks or damage, allowing for stress-free transport of your mobile computer.

 Convenience of use

The Case has a double zipper, which gives you fast and easy access inside.There are additional safety features inside the case that protect the laptop from accidentally slipping out as well as protecting its edges from scuffs and scratches.

Professional looks

High-quality materials, precise finish and black colour combine to create a product with a timeless elegant appearance. The case is characterized by aesthetics that will perfectly fit in the business environment.

Light as a feather

Thanks to the materials used, Natec Coral is characterized by its light weight and slenderness. The case will easily protect your laptop in a bag or suitcase whilst transporting the device.

Добрый Etui
Размер экрана (диаг.) 14,1''
Количество камер 1
Вещи Neoprene
Размер (физические параметры)
Цвет Black
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