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Natec Notebook bag Wallaroo 15,6 black with wireless mouse

€ 13.90
  • Без НСО: € 11.58
  • Бренд:Natec Модель:NTO-1304 Доступность:Под заказ 5-8 Р. Дней Кол-во:30 шт. Гарантия:24 Месяцев
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Functional and committal
Natec Wallaroo is a perfect 2-in-1 set consisting of a wireless mouse and a laptop bag, which is useful both in business delegations and in everyday trips around the city.
Lightweight and comfortable Natec Wallaroo bag is made of durable material resistant to adverse weather conditions with a thick foam filling to ensure the safety of the equipment being carried.

Comfortable and safe
The main compartment, providing free access to transferred items, is intended for a laptop with a maximum diagonal of 15.6, but it will also accommodate documents, folders or books.
The front pocket has been placed over the entire width of the bag to increase the usable space. In addition, it is equipped with an organizer for office accessories, telephone and wallet.
The bag also has a comfortable detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with a rubber reinforcement for increased comfort. If someone prefers holding the bag in his hand, he has a slightly stiffened handle at his disposal.


Precise and wireless
The Natec Wallaroo wireless mouse is equipped with an optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 1600 DPI, which guarantees an appropriate level of precision regardless of the area of use. An additional advantage of the mouse is a special DPI Switch button, thanks to which we can change the level of sensitivity on the fly without having to configure the mouse in the system. The user has a choice between 800-1200-1600 DPI.
Natec Wallaroo has a 2.4 Ghz nano receiver, so its working range is 10 meters from the transmitter. Such a solution makes it a very universal and convenient tool both in the office space as well as on all types of trips, meetings or at home.

Ergonomic design
No cable is an additional advantage when it comes to planning your work space. The mouse is equipped with a powerful AA battery in the factory, which is enough for a long and trouble-free operation of the device.
The classic black and gray color, ergonomic design and compact dimensions make it an object that looks great on any desk or in a conference room. These features also harmonize perfectly with the simple and modern style of the Natec Wallaroo.

Добрый Bag
Размер экрана (диаг.) 15,6''
Количество камер 2
Shoulder strap Yes
Справиться Yes
Вещи Polyester
Размер (физические параметры)
Цвет Black
Сфера применения Office
Сенсор Optical
Количество кнопок 3
Количество колес прокрутки 1
Shape Right-handed
Разрешение (мин) 800
Разрешение (макс.) 1600
Связь Wireless
Рабочее расстояние 10
Тип подключения / интерфейс пользователя 2,4 GHz Radio
Освещение No
Аксессуары в комплекте
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a. Tallinn, Vana-Lõuna 19, Пон-Пт 9:00-17.005-8 Р. ДнейБесплатно
b. Jõhvi, Keskväljak 6 (Jõhvi Kaubakeskus), Пон-Пт 10:00-18:00, Суб 10:00-14:006-10 Р. ДнейБесплатно
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