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Adata SSD drive Legend 900 2TB - PCIe 4x4 M.2 - 7000/5400 MB/s - SLC caching, HBM - 5YW

€ 128.00
  • KM-ta: € 104.92
  • Bränd:Adata Mudel:SLEG-900-2TCS Saadavus:Laos Kogus:5 tk. Garantii:60 Kuud
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Legend 900

Impressive performance

The LEGEND 900 drive uses the current-generation PCIe Gen4 x4 transmission interface compliant with NVMe 1.4 and supports the latest Intel and AMD platforms, giving developers new to PCIe 4.0 surprisingly high performance.

Unmatched speeds

The LEGEND 900 drive boasts sequential read/write speeds of 7000/5400 MB per second, which are 4 times faster than standard PCIe Gen3 SSDs and 13 times faster than SATA SSDs, and is backwards compatible with current PCIe 3.0 platforms. This drive offers excellent performance for high-level creations such as virtualised visuals, animations and games!

Enhance your PS5 experience

The LEGEND 900 drive uses the PCIe 4.0 transmission interface and can be installed in the PS5 console as an additional drive to solve the problem of insufficient memory in the PS5 console. Not only does the LEGEND 900 drive fit perfectly into the PS5 console's drive slot, but it also provides a smooth and lag-free gaming experience even for AAA titles.

*According to Sony, even though the read and write speeds exceed the official standard, not all games will achieve the same performance as the PS5 console's built-in SSD.

**When used with the PS5 console, sequential read speed is 6200 MB/s for all capacities.

***For more information on compatibility with PS5 consoles, please visit the

Even more elite

The LEGEND 900 drive uses the SLC caching algorithm and Host Memory Buffer (HMB) technology to ensure the best caching, and also features the Low Density Parity Check Code (LDPC) error correction mechanism, which is responsible for data transfer accuracy and file security.

5-year warranty for peace of mind

LEGEND Series SSDs are made with carefully selected high quality components that will stand the test of time. The LEGEND 900 drive has undergone stringent testing and quality control and is backed by a 5-year warranty for peace of mind!

Additional SSD Toolbox software for real-time status monitoring

The SSD Toolbox provides access to the latest firmware for superior performance, and with S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) attributes, it allows you to monitor the health and remaining life of the SSD, as well as check the current operating temperature and memory capacity, so you can keep track of the SSD's condition in real time.

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