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Concept Food dehydrator SO1011

€ 60.50
  • KM-ta: € 50.42
  • Bränd:Concept Mudel:SO1011 Saadavus:Tarne poodi 5-8 Tööpäeva Kogus:10 tk. Garantii:24 Kuud
Taotle järelmaksu

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99 € kuumaks Hinnanguline kuumakse summa. Pankadest pakkumiste saamiseks klõpsake nuppu "Taotle järelmaksu" ja täitke taotlusvorm.
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Food dryer SO1011

Extend the shelf life of your food

Drying is one of the few methods of preserving food without losing important vitamins and minerals. So why not extend the shelf life of your excess stock? For example, a small pinch of fragrant mushroom powder from dried mushrooms can add unique flavour and aroma to a dish. You can dry almost anything in this appliance: fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, flowers or pasta.

Hassle-free control

Thanks to the simple digital control, the SO1011 dryer can really be operated by anyone. The temperature control from 35 to 70 ° C will allow you to adjust the drying depending on the product. The appliance has a timer that can be set for up to 99 hours, giving you complete control over your drying. Once the set time has elapsed, the dryer will switch off automatically.

Practical shape for easy storage

Saving space in the kitchen is always extremely important. Thanks to its square shape, this tumble dryer is very compact and takes up little space on the kitchen counter.

Even drying

Perfect results without any worries. Thanks to the integrated fan, your produce will not only be dried quickly but also evenly on all floors of the dryer.

Adjusting the distance between the sieves

You can adjust the distance between the sieves according to your current needs. This depends on how the sieves are set up in this dryer . For example, if some fruit doesn't fit in the gap between the different levels, simply turn the tray 180° to get more space for comfortable drying.

Sõelud / kandikud 5
Ülekuumenemise kaitse Jah
Energiatarve 240
Kaasas tarvikud
Värvus black
Mõõtmed (füüsilised parameetrid)
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1. Tulen ise poodi järele, tasuta:
a. Tallinn, Vana-Lõuna 19, E-R 9:00-17.005-8 TööpäevaTasuta
b. Jõhvi, Keskväljak 6 (Jõhvi Kaubakeskus), E-R 10:00-18:00, L 10:00-14:006-10 TööpäevaTasuta
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SmartPOST 6-10 Tööpäeva2 EUR
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Omniva6-10 Tööpäeva2 EUR
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DPD Pickup6-10 Tööpäeva2 EUR
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Kuller üle Eesti 6-10 Tööpäeva5 EUR

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