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Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro White

€ 45.00
  • KM-ta: € 37.50
  • Bränd:Xiaomi Mudel:28314 Saadavus:Laos Kogus:3 tk. Garantii:12 Kuud
Taotle järelmaksu

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99 € kuumaks Hinnanguline kuumakse summa. Pankadest pakkumiste saamiseks klõpsake nuppu "Taotle järelmaksu" ja täitke taotlusvorm.
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This Mi Smart Kettle offers the perfect temperature and the perfect glass of water. It features intelligent water temperature control, 304 stainless steel liner, fast boiling and triple safety protection.
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  • Perfect water temperature, no matter what you use your water for
    Mi Smart Kettle has intelligent temperature control. You can then set the temperature directly on the phone according to different needs. Not only can you heat the water up to the set temperature, you can also boil the water then keep it at the temperature you set.
  • Good interior, good water
    Components that come in direct contact with the water, such as the interior surface, the inside of the lid and temperature sensor, are all made from high-quality 304 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is very safe and widely used in medical and food industries. It has the advantages of resistance to rust, anti-scaling, odorlessness and easy cleaning.
  • Easy to clean, no hard-to-reach spots
    The spout is created through a one-piece stainless steel stretching technique, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated with the interior. The bottom of the kettle is smooth and has no hard-to-reach spots that impede cleaning. With a 130mm extra-large kettle spout and 80-degree wide lid opening angle, you will be able to clean the liner with ease, using just your hands or with tools. No more worrying about hard-to-reach spots harboring dirt and filth.
  • Elegant water heating experience
    Mi Smart Kettle uses high-quality food-grade polypropylene as the outer casing and features a simple yet beautiful design. The water outlet's special curved design optimizes water flow, preventing dripping or splashing. Whether on a coffee table, kitchen bar or the corner of a desk, its minimalistic and refined appearance is beautiful from every angle. From the perspective of a designer, a good electric kettle should not only be a tool for water boiling in the kitchen, but also a part of the users' daily lives, the design of each detail should be treated with the importance.
  • From calm to boiling in several minutes
    Through the 1800W high-power energy-focusing heating ring in the base, water is thoroughly heated from the bottom to the top. The temperature rises quickly and it only takes several minutes to come to a full boil.
  • Triple safety protection
    The patented power connector design provides electric shock protection and is safe to touch. Even if you accidentally spill water on the power connector, it will not cause electric leakage. Mi Smart Kettle also features anti-dry-burning protection. When it detects dry-burning, it will automatically shut off the power.
  • Double-layer kettle body, cool to the touch
    Mi Smart Kettle boasts a double-layer kettle body, wrapping stainless steel liner with food-grade PP plastic, with a hollow insulation cavity between the two. Even if the interior has reached 100 degrees Celsius, the outside of the kettle is only 40 degrees Celsius. This heat protection insulation design keeps the kettle cool to the touch.
  • Two-stage damping lid design
    After pressing the open lid button, the kettle lid will slowly open to a 45-degree angle. The hot water beads gathered on the lid will not splash out, preventing burning. The lid can also open up to 80 degrees, allowing you to clean the interior with ease.
  • Power cord storage
    The excess length of power cord can be wound around and stored inside the kettle base for a neater and more elegant look.


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