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Qoltec Electronic timer PC0628 with LCD - electrical power supply of household appliances

€ 10.50
  • KM-ta: € 8.61
  • Bränd:Qoltec Mudel:50628 Saadavus:Laos Kogus:1 tk.
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Save on your bills today

Have you ever wondered how to effectively reduce your electricity bills? Saving energy nowadays is not easy, but fortunately technology comes to the rescue. All you need is a small device - an electronic timer from Qoltec - to start optimising your home's energy consumption in an easy and effective way.

Automate your home electrical appliances

A timer is a device that manages the electrical power supply of household appliances, so we can significantly reduce our energy costs. All you have to do is to programme the operation of the device, set the day and time of its operation, adapting it to your needs. We can connect practically all electrical appliances that are powered by 230V.

Main product features:

  • Alternative 12/24-hour system,
  • Easy switching between standard and daylight saving time,
  • Up to 10 on/off settings per day,
  • Time setting includes HOUR, MINUTE and DAY,
  • Manual override function to set the timer to always on or off,
  • Random setting to have the lights turn on and off at random times e.g. during holidays.

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a. Tallinn, Vana-Lõuna 19, E-R 9:00-17.000-1 TööpäevaTasuta
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