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Meeting OWL



Meet the Meeting Owl Pro, our
premium 360° camera, mic, and
speaker that creates the most
immersive experience for hybrid

As remote work continues to grow in the U.S. and around
the world, the Meeting Owl helps more than 58,000 hybrid
teams around the world work productively from anywhere.



● Makes it easy to see and hear everything in the
room with 360° in-room sound and the Wise
Operating System (Wise OS™) that autofocuses on
whoever is speaking

● Eliminates friction with a Plug and Play meeting
setup and start to support top video conferencing
platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, and

● Creates an immersive and inclusive meeting
experience for remote attendees so hybrid teams
can do their best work





Meeting Owl Pro Tech Specs

● 360° camera in 1080p HD so remote participants can see everything in the conference room

● 360° speaker and 18-foot radius audio pickup so remote participants can hear and be heard

● Wise OS™ with Owl Sense detects where meeting participants are speaking in the room to deliver a face-to-face experience

● Sits at the center of the conference room table for a better remote experience

● WiFi-enabled for ongoing software enhancements

● All-in-one conference camera, microphone, and speaker at a cost-disruptive price point

● Easy to control via the Meeting Owl mobile app for iOS or Android